How to fry an egg in a perfect circle, or square, or…

Ever wonder how restaurants can fry an egg in a perfect circle? They’re probably using an egg ring like the one in the photo below.

You can get both metal and silicone egg rings. And, you can get egg rings in a variety of different shapes. My egg ring collection consists of a few different shapes: heart, circle, toast (see below), Mickey Mouse, and daisy. I’ve also seen a variety of animal shapes as well as square and oval.

Rings with a handle (such as the the one in the photo above) are easy to remove from the frying pan or grill once the egg is cooked. Some rings come with handles that can be folded down so the rings are easy to store.

Look for egg rings in a kitchen store or a store that sells kitchen equipment and gadgets. I’ve had mine given to me or have purchased them from Winners/Homesense. If you can’t find any rings, try using large cookie cutters or tuna cans with the bottoms and tops removed.

You’ll want to be sure the ring sits flush on the bottom of the frying pan, so it contains the liquid egg which will flow about and fill the shape. If the ring doesn’t sit flat in the pan, some of the egg may run under the ring. You can always trim the egg so it resembles the shape of the egg ring but if you find you’re losing a lot of egg outside the shape, the ring may be a little warped or distorted.

If you use a metal ring, spray or rub some cooking oil around the inside of the ring so the egg doesn’t stick to it.

Here’s how to use an egg ring.

Whisk an egg until blended, then pour it into the ring or simply crack the egg out of its shell into the ring.

Once the bottom of the egg has cooked, you can either turn the heat down, cover the pan and let the egg finish cooking, or, flip the egg over to cook the top. If you want to flip it over, first loosen the ring around the edge and remove it. Then flip the egg to finish cooking.

A round ring about 4″ (10 cm) in diameter is the perfect size for making a fried egg sandwich or an egg burger with a hamburger bun or a bagel. A smaller size ring would make a great egg shape for an English muffin.

This shape would work well to make a fried egg sandwich!

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